Antica in Crisis!

A Babkhan in not-so-convincing disguise: Malliki arrives in Nafticon to oppose new Archon Aryeztur Mejorkhor

The Antican Republic has been thrown into Crisis in the last few days after Aryeztur Mejorkhor became Archon and declared Antica to be a Holy Kingdom. The controversial move, opposed by a great number of Antican citizens, saw the Archon act in what has been seen as extra-constitutional. The Antican Assembly has been dissolved and a Council of Elders created which has been widely shunned by pre-eminent Anticans such as Malliki and Octavius. A move to censure the new Archon from Malliki was promptly dismissed by the Archon who has invested Antica in a series of complicated rituals to go with its new Holy Kingdom status.

It is unclear what lies ahead for Antica, one of the proudest and oldest nations on Micras. Reports are emerging that attempts to hit back symbolically at the new Holy Order have been hit by fierce resistance which resulted in the destruction of the Fasces of Antica and wounds, possibly fatal, to Octavius. Areas of Antica are in open revolt against the Holy Kingdom which has received support from Shireroth and tacit engagement from Batavia. The Imperial Kingdom of Babkha’s role in this has been ambivalent, with claims of support from Babkha being made by both sides. The Empire has been in touch with the new Antican authorities but it is reported that Geneva is worried by talks of manifest destiny from the new Archon. The last time this phrase was prevalent in Antican rhetoric Imperial Forces had to be deployed to Leifgrad-Baden, an Imperial Territory that Antica has long claimed as its own.

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