Antica, Vanderveer face off over tiny island

Leifgrad, Alexandria; ABCC News – Antican forces stationed in the province of Kaikias have invaded and seized a tiny island to the south of Kaikias that formerly belonged to the now defunct Grand Republic of Kavalos. Former President Marc Evans donated the lands of Kavalos to the Vanderveer Reich after he decided to dissolve the Grand Republic of Kavalos. The transfer of lands has yet to be formally approved by the Micronational Cartographic Society.

The move was quickly condemned by Vanderveer, who demanded that the forces be withdrawn and left open a possibility for negotiations. Gralus, Tellia and Ocia also joined Vanderveer in condemning the invasion. The Britannic Empire sent elements of their Red Cross Corps “for the treatment of military and civilian personnel.” The Kingdom of Babkha has sent a battleship to “to monitor the situation and, if it should prove necessary, render fraternal assistance to the Antican and Britannic forces in the region.” Alexandria also indictaed support for the actions by the Commonwealth of Antica.


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