Apollo Foundation Releases Study

The Apollo Foundation, an organization founded to preserve Apollo States after they “pass-on”, has released the results of an intermicronational study it performed earlier this month. The study, completed by forty micronationalists, was designed to gauge public opinion on five micronations (related in some way, whether it was historically or current, to the Apollo Sector) as well as to discover how most micronationalists came to the hobby as well as their general views on varying issues.

The study found that the majority of micronationalists, 62.5%, did not envision themselves leaving the hobby in the foreseeable future, and more interesting found that 80% support the concept of micronational war, a concept largely ridiculed by most non-Apollo nations, including Attera where the population is mostly macronational soldiers.

Participants in the survey were asked their opinions on five nations, including Babkha, Attera, Baracão, Shireroth, and Arminy. Of these nations, Babkha received the most favourable rating (4/5), and Arminy received the least favourable rating (2.5/5). Attera came in as the third favoured nation with a rating of 3/5, which surprised many as Attera’s intermicronational image has generally been one of low favourability due to its militant past.

The most expected result of the study was that the micronational population is aging, with the majority of micronationalists having been in the hobby for several years, with each micronationalist on average having been a participant for almost 2.5 years. The study also found that the majority of current micronationalists found out about the hobby via web surfing (52.5%), with personal referrals being the second highest reason (35%).

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