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LONENBERG (GP) – With the recent withdrawl of Lemuria from the Grand Commonwealth, there has been a surge in activity from what has become the Confederate Rianates of Lemuria, coinciding somewhat to the return of the famous/infamous Kuralyov, who has taken up as the head Lemurian diplomat. The new Lemuria also marks Sander Dieleman’s return to more active micronationalism and so far, things look good! The withdrawl of Lemuria did cause some concern, although in the end, the move was not blocked by others in the GC.

Arising somewhat out of this however has been a proposal in the Grand Commonwealth by Mr. Basil to form an Expansion Party which will espouse bringing the world under the control of the GC. So far it looks like response to the idea has been lukewarm at best. In other GC news, the Majlis is currently working on ratification of the Treaty with the rising star nation of Paulovia and the dread Shah of Babkha the Osman Shahanshah has stood for and been elected as Taoiseach. The other candidates mysteriously dropped out of the race, ensuring the Shah’s success.

In Shireroth, Erik Mortis has recently succeeded Kaiseress Semisa as Head of State, to be known for his tenure as Kaiser Letifer II. Reaction to his ascencion, while initially mixed and with some threats of resignation, the emotions were quickly calmed and Shireroth as usual, continues to bubble in its own way, now off of ezboard and on their own new forum. I am sure ezboard will miss Shireroth.

Talamthom is working on an Economic Bill presented by Prime Minister Edgard Carrillo, which is currently the only activity occuring within the quaint Irish green Republic at the moment.

In the financial world, Sander Dieleman, the bank programming guru has been holding an open forum/focus group/fact-finding in regards to the potential profitability of micronational banks. Sand is currently working on the outline to potentially work into the creation of a new banking system.

Micronational conflicts around the world seem to be somewhat limited, however with the influx of new nations over the last couple months, the desire to ‘mix it up’ has been great but has not yet resulted in any managed conflicts. WIth the MRWS bogged down and non-functional, it doesn’t seem likely that any conflicts will be occurring soon.

The Eagle wonders if it must be exam time as throughout the sector there seems to be an overall slowdown of activity, sickness and general apathy which occurs so frequently. Hopefully things swing back into motion soon, otherwise the news page may be a little less….meaty.

From the Eagle to the world…..gooooood DAY!

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