Arrowed In: An Interview with the new First Consul Sebastien Dev

Sebastien Dev, the new First Consul, poses for his Inaugural Photographic Portrait

Once again, the Genevan Arrow is pleased to present another very special Arrowed In interview with a political heavyweight. Today we publish an interview with the Empire’s new First Consul.

I arrived soon after breakfast at the Palais de Vranscia, the new title afforded to the old Consular Palace where First Consuls for the past few years have resided in Geneva. The occupants of this grand building are accustomed to a whole range of amenities to lessen the stresses of the office. The holders of this Office are expected to keep the Empire together, protect it from threats internal and external whilst also pushing forward their own agenda and what they view as the future of the Empire. Its a complicated balance of priorities and as I entered the Consular Drawing Room to sit down for my exclusive interview with Mssr Dev I was wondering whether he truly appreciated the task that had engulfed lesser men in the past. Over the course of the next half an hour of conversation Sebastien Dev showed me that he has the nerve for the job.

As soon as I entered into the office the First Consul greeted me warmly. He had done his research, asking me about my family and how my children were getting on. We exchanged some small chit chat before getting down to the business of the interview, sitting opposite each other over a small coffee table where the finest San Martin coffee had been left prepared. I asked first about the rise of his political party, the Mouvement Democrate, in the Empire’s political scene. For a considerable time the political battles had taken place between the Alexandrian Liberals and the Conservative Party. The new Mouvement Democrate seemed to have picked up a lot of disaffected Conservatives with nobody to rally around after the collapse of their party. Is the Mouvement Democrate, commonly known as the MoDems, just a re-hashed Conservative Party for the new Alexandria? Dev was quick to bat away the idea. “The Mouvement Democrate is something bigger than the Conservative Party.” he told me. “We are pragmatic and we believe in working with other parties in places where we see eye to eye. For example, I do not know any Deputies in the Assembly that do not want to see a strong Alexandria. We all want an Alexandria that is healthy and prosperous. We all agree we want a better Alexandria. But we also share many principles with the old Conservative Party, and that is a belief in the free market, lower taxes, reducing regulation, and building a strong market economy. We believe in upholding our traditions, like the monarchy, the Emperor, the Church of Alexandria. We believe in building a strong military and in supporting our allies.”

It was a fairly comprehensive answer. I naturally decided to ask whether he would deliver what the MoDems stand for in Alexandria. What exactly would his Consularship bring to the nation that others hadn’t? Previous Consularships had entered with grand ideas but failed to see them implemented, most notably the Carmichael Consulates which ran into sustained Conservative opposition in the Imperial Parliament on their flagship programmes. What would Dev bring? He was clear in his answer and it seems the MoDems are building on their principles and starting their Consularship on a point which can bring the Empire’s many views together. “We want to begin a cultural renaissance in the Empire. Former Chief Justice Liam Sinclair said that “there have been numerous occasions where Alexandria has been projecting strongly outwards, while having no meat on its bones internally.” The Duke of Evreaux recently agreed with this quote as well. We want to focus on the development of our culture, our infrastructure, our provinces, our traditions. A MoDem Consulate wants to build an Alexandria with a healthy and vibrant culture. I want to do that, and I think this will be the main focus of our legislative agenda.”

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