ASAAF Contributions near Goal after Two Days

The Atteran South Asian Assistance Fund (ASAAF) created by Ras Beard as the official Atteran government sanctioned relief effort for those affected by Boxing Day’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in South Asia is nearing its goal. After just two days of operation, the fund has received 60% of its target of $200 USD ($120 USD pledged to date) and has received micronational support from the kings of Gotzborg and Morovia as well as the Shah of Babkha. Former Atteran Prime Minister Ras Anderson (a.k.a. Ras Zhukov) has been noted by ASAAF as one of its most prominent contributors, of a total of three contributors to date. Prime Minister Klosso is encouraging all micronationalists to make any contribution to ASAAF possible, stating that “Also remember, disasters don’t just hit far away places, they could hit you too someday. Be compassionate, and others will be compassionate to you.”

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