Assembly becomes battleground for Speakership

Geneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – Local Alexandrian cable companies have reported that Channel One, the channel that broadcasts live proceedings from the Imperial Assembly and other public government broadcasts, has seen a rise in viewership of more than 69% – and for good reason. Initially a sign of broad unity at the beginning of the Imperial Assembly with independent, former Conservative and MoDem Assembly deputies supporting Liberal Jean Carmicheal for Speaker has turned into a lively debate regarding the role of the Speaker of the Imperial Assembly. In what was expected to be an easy vote for Carmicheal, disagreements scuttled his candidacy for the position. “There is a serious split in the Assembly on what the powers of the Speaker should be,” says Jacques Delors, political science professor at the Central Campus of the Imperial University. “Carmicheal leads the faction that believes in a more proactive Speaker, Aguilar wants a totally neutral Speaker and Dev seems to want something along the middle.”

The main split comes down to the Speaker’s ability to set the legislative agenda and choosing which bills make it onto the floor. When asked to explain his view, Carmichael responded, “the Speakership will not be towing the line and acting in the manner it has been since 2009 but shall be a separate power and shall decide on the agenda of the House independently from the Government.” He went on to explain that he wished to see a Speaker that is ” independent of Government”, and that “it would be best for 3 Bills on the Floor at any one time with 2 being the Speaker’s Choice and another being a Government sponsored Bill”.

After the Carmichael nomination failed to be confirmed, Primo de Aguilar (Ind. from Santander) proceeded to nominate himself as a compromise candidate. In his nominating speech, Aguilar espoused a Speaker that is non-partisan and a ” a moderator of discussion”. Dev replied soon after with his own statement, explaining why he switched his initial support. He called Carmicheal’s view of the Speaker’s role as ” what could be… unconstitutional”. ” I believe in adopting a more balanced approach in setting the agenda – three bills each legislative docket: with one bill being one that the Government needs considered, one that the Speaker wishes to be considered and another chosen from the Deputies in the order it was introduced,” he continued.

The debate continues in the Assembly, and with two out of the four deputies in the Assembly nominating themselves for the position, it seems the decision will hinge on the two deputies belonging to the center-right Mouvement Democrate – Fernando Dev (Baudrix) and Pierre Guigou (San Martin).

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