Asunción and Puerto Nuevo ratify merger into San Martín

Ávila, San Martín; ABCC News – In a historic provincial referendum, the provinces of Asunción and Puerto Nuevo unanimously merged into the new province of San Martín. In a brief speech to the people of the newly formed province, His Imperial Majesty called upon the new province to “build on the momentum of this historic event and establish a provincial government.” The results of the referendum were formally confirmed yesterday by His Imperial Majesty. The referendum was triggered by the passing of the Provincial Reform Act of 2006 by the Imperial Parliament, which was given Imperial Assent on January 10th, 2007. The act was one of the cornerstones of the now-concluded term of former Prime Minister Jose Frias, the author of the act. The establishment of the new province of San Martín is sure to evoke the emotions of many Alexandrians who were part of the Republic and later Empire of San Martín. It was when the Empire began to collapse and fragment that Alexandria acquired it. “This is a historic event, and it sure evokes those times in which San Martín was indeed the power of Cibola,” commented His Majesty to ABCC News.

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