Attacks on Baracao End

Despite no admin of Baracao’s ezboard being around, quick thinking on the part of Menelmacar’s Path Follower and Babkha’s William Bagram, saved over a page of the most recent threads at Baracao. The two recommended that people post in the threads at that were about to be lost in order to send them to the front of the listing. Unfortunately, the advice never came soon enough to Baracao’s Defence Minister who seemed to be helpless during the attacks. The method for saving threads is a commonly known, but in times of crisis, it is easy for those, like Baracao’s defence minister, to forget all about the procedure. Luckily for Baracao, however, a Babkhan and a Menelmacari were “on the ball.”

The Atteran Imperial Government commends both individuals on their quick thinking in the incident. Both deserve a medal (from the Baracaoan Government of course).

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