Attera Addresses the War With Iraq

Prime Minister HIH Ras Bit Sinclair, who is also the Imperial Regent, made a statement on the war against Iraq currently being waged by the United States and United Kingdom. In his statement the prime minister called for all Atterans to stand behind their fellow countrymen as they fight in this war against “brutality and injustice”.

Furthermore, Sinclair called on those supporting peace to see the major underlying reasons why this war must be supported stating that the war against Iraq is not just to remove any potential WMD from the hands of a madman, but to also free the Iraqi people from the oppression that Saddam Hussein has forced upon them.

The prime minister also called on all micronationalists to keep those Atterans deployed to this war in their thoughts and to pray for their safe return to our community. Foreign dignitaries Abbas Namvari, Vizier of Foreign Affairs for the Kingdom of Babkha, and Archetype23, Elenaran of Menelmacar, offered words of support and encouragement to the deployed Atterans.

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