Attera and Babkha issue Joint Statement

After a long relationship of mutual hatred and distrust, the Kingdom of Babkha, and the Atteran Empire, issued a joint statement on June 18 pledging to work together to normalise relations with each other.

Once friends, the two nations fell out with each other after an incident which, according to Atteran officials, saw the Kingdom of Babkha betray Attera by siding with an enemy of Attera, Corvinia, from which Attera gave Babkha protection. This “betrayal” started what has become one of the most famous rivalries in micronational history, with both nations still at odds today.

In the joint statement, prepared by the Atteran Imperial Government, Ras Liam Sinclair, Attera’s Prime Minister, and Rakesh Ackbar, Babkha’s deputy Vizier of Foreign Affairs, stated that the pledge to work towards normalisation of relations between the two nations has mainly been a product of cooperation between the two nations on several intermicronational projects, such as the Alternate Realities project, and the Raspur Conference.

In the statement, both governments asked their nations to support them on “what will no doubt prove a difficult process, to secure a lasting peace and cooperation between our two nations.”

Intermicronational reaction was low on the issue, however, one micronationalist did congratulate the Atteran prime minister personally on the statement, and then jokingly implied that the statement was a waste of time as the Emperor will likely ruin the head way in relations between the two nations upon his return this fall from Iraq.

In Attera, reaction to the statement was also low. Those who did voice their opinions on the issue were mixed in what they had to say, with some supporting the initiative, and others warning against moving too quickly down the road to treaty relations.

In response to those concerns, Ras Sinclair stated that he is comfortable at the current level of relations (which is that the official lines of communication between the two nations are open and both recognize each other’s existence), and that any talk of a formal treaty between Babkha and Attera is premature as any such agreement is a very long way off.

Ras Dabe Harmagedon, His Majesty’s Minister of Defence (Attera), was the leading voice urging caution, noting that any such treaty agreement signed in the Emperor’s absence would not be wise. Taking the Emperor’s concerns into account, the Prime Minister’s Office does not plan to agree to any bilateral treaty agreement with Babkha, should one ever be proposed, without making Babkha’s compliance with the three prerequisites for treaty relations, as outlined by the Emperor last year, mandatory.

Babkha has previously rejected those conditions outright, thus making it likely that no treaty will ever be signed between the two nations unless the Emperor decides to negotiate the conditions for formal treaty relations upon his return from Iraq later this year.

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