Attera announces Intermicronational Military Exposition

I have been asked by the Atteran Foreign Minister, HH Ras Yeh, to inform you that the Atteran Imperial Government will be hosting the Intermicronational Military Exposition from the 15th of July until 1 December 2002.

All micronations are welcome to attend this event.

Micronations that wish to participate must put together a one page “pavillion” that will showcase their military. On this page, should include any information such as, any divisions they may have, the break down of their various services, any images of their rank structure or awards. Also, any historical information they wish to include or any achivements their soldiers may have accomplished. After the page has been completed, the micronations can send me the URL to the page and I’ll link it to the pavillion page so that all may view each micronation’s page.

Also, in this expo, there will be a forum located at Scheheradze Imperial Gibi (Palace) in Attera Proper, in which the various delagations can discuss the various military related issues that involve many micronations. In addition to this forum, it is hoped that a comprehensive convention will be established that could outline what is permissible and what is illegal by way of electronic warfare or micronational hostilities. Each delagation shall consist of the Minister of Defense of each micronation and he/she may have up to two additional people to bring along if they so wish.

This is the first expo of it’s kind, and we hope that this becomes an annual tradition hosted by a different micronation each year. The host will be decided by the delagations during the convention at Schehradze Palace.

I have a beginning page that is located at that will shed a little light on the issue.

Those that are interested can contact me at or Ras Yeh at

Any other questions please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you could post this in the MNN and the MFP I’d greatly appreciate it!

Thank you for your time,

HIH Diga Makonnen IV,
Imperial Ras of Attera,
General of the Armies,
Grand Executive Council,
Atteran Federation

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