Attera-Babkha Peace Discussions Hit a Snag

The ongoing peace discussions between the Atteran Empire and the Kingdom of Babkha, an effort started earlier this year to try to formally end the conflict between the two nations which has lasted years, has hit a major snag as the Atteran government today lodged a complaint with the Babkhan Foreign Ministry accusing the Babkhan government of failing to comply with one of the agreements made at the conference.

The agreement cited in the complaint, filed by Minister of State Mik’el Tzion I, involved Attera removing from its national website questionable statements regarding Babkha’s founder in return for Babkha petitioning the League of Micronations and League of Secessionist States to remove from their websites statements of malicious intent against Attera. The complaint states that the Babkhan government has yet to submit such statements to the LOM and LOSS and therefore has violated the agreement reached between Tzion I and Babkha’s Grand Vizier, Rakesh Ackbar.

Attera’s Minister of State called on immediate discussions concerning the situation with a Babkhan government representative, stating that it would “be truly regretful for our two micronations to enter into yet another state of mutual distrust, hostile measures and over all distasteful actions, when both sides have accomplished great things by way of cooperation during the last few months.”

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