Attera celebrates 23rd anniversary

Report by Diga Makonnen IV

Today in the capital, the Atteran Imperial Government celebrated the 23rd Anniversary of the Atteran State. Amid great celebration and fanfare, many Atteran citizens have taken the time to party and to give thanks to the Almighty for the longevity of Attera and its culture.

What started as a game in the forests of Casteau, Belgium among the children of various nationalities, has become a major micronation that has held both an online presence since 1999,and an active offline community that continues on today.

Many attribute this continued activity to the “Father of the Atteran State”, HIH Diga Makonnen IV. While Lord Diga, one of the original founding fathers of Attera, has continued to play a major part in Atteran and Intermicronational affairs, he attributes Attera’s success to all of the citizens past and present. “Seriously, I couldn’t have done all of this myself, I must give credit to the many people who have spent long hours putting in great service to the various Atteran states that have existed during our 23 years in existence. There were some years where we had a huge citizenship of over one hundred, and some years, we were down to less than ten, but in every Atteran era, there were those who strived to keep her going at all costs. Today, I thank them all for everything they have done to ensure that Attera remains a unique and original creation.”

On another note, within the Grand Executive Council today, the Second Crimson Constitution has been abolished. With a unanimous vote by the Imperial Rases, who have felt that a new constitution is now needed to reflect the new Atteran Federation, long hours of work will be carried out by the Atteran legislature, the Yezawd Derg. The Second Crimson Constitution was the guiding document of the Imperial Rasinate of Q’attera-Macusiaa and set in motion the many interesting items that are unique to Attera alone, such as the Shum-Shir system of government which is designed to favor the Aristocracy that rules Attera, to the complete and total equality of the sexes in every facet of society, namely the military. With the deadline set at 31 December for the completion of the Third Crimson Constitution, the Yezawd Derg, must contend with establishing new intermicronational relations, governing the nation, drafting the constitution and ensuring that the new constitution remains, “Atteran in character” but annotates the great changes in Atteran society and in the government.

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