Attera joins new Micronational World Map Project

Regent Sinclair announced on March 12th 2003 that the Atteran Empire will be leaving behind the MCS World Map, on which it has resided for many years, effective immediately. The Atteran Empire will be joining a new project, known as the Alternate Realities World Map Project, along with five other nations – Babkha, Baracao, Venantia, Tebec, and the Collective Unconcious.

The Alternate Realities map is designed to be a world map where the more serious micronations (sometimes referred to as realist or virtualist micronations) can reside and work together on common goals without having to put up with the Apollo Sector, which, due to various events, has lost respect amongst the realist nations of Micras (the MCS World Map), over the past month. Alarico Veto Cgulia, a high ranking citizen of Baracao, stated that “it’s very good to see Babkha and Attera working together on such a project, something unheard of a few months ago.”

Both nations are currently cooperating on the Alternate Realities project so that a common goal may be achieved. The Alternate Realities world map is run by HIH Ras Bit Sinclair of Attera, and HE Abbas Namvari of Babkha.

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