Attera Reasserts Herself in Foreign Relations

Report by Diga Makonnen IV

In a new break with the isolation that has been imposed by the Imperial Rases during the Great Secession from Tymaria in February earlier this year, HIH Dabe Harmagedon has taken over the Foreign Ministry after Lord Charles departed for an extended vacation earlier this week. Lord Dabe has been given the daunting task of reaching out to as many micronations as humanly possible to establish relations with. With the big push to create new Intermicronational relations, the Intermicronational Military Exposition has become a major event that now has 8 participating micronations. Most of the micronations that are taking part in this expo are major powers within the English speaking micronational community. Many around the Intermicronational community are saying that this type of event was long overdue because of the many online electronic wars that have plagued the intermicronational community since the late 1990’s, when some micronations started using message boards to communicate and interact. Seeing that an exposition and convention of this type had never been brought up, Ras Yeh and Lord Diga felt it important to fill in the gap left by the inaction of LOSS, the LOM and other intermicronational organizations who have tended to talk rather than act when micronational wars occur. The Atteran Imperial Government which officially states that online wars are “an unfortunate method to show displeasure,” has not gone on record as saying that micronational war does or doesn’t exist, yet, feels that for those who do say it does, must be controlled so as not to further damage the reputations of micronationalism as a whole.

In Attera, the IME and the Scheherazade Convention is seen as a new beginning in Atteran policy, where Attera can be seen as not only a military powerhouse, but also one dedicated to peaceful resolution of conflicts. Now that many English speaking micronations are aware of the convention, a call to include other micronations from the German, Portuguese and French speaking micronational communities. If the Scheherazade Convention is able to become a yearly event, this could very well change the way micronations handle disagreements and could improve micronationalism as a whole.

Addressing the root of the conflict is one strategy that is being implemented in another part of the Atteran forum that the Atteran Imperial Government is hoping will hit pay dirt. Both the Free Republic and the Republic of Baracão have been invited to negotiate a peace treaty to resolve their issue of Free Republican independence. The Republic of Baracão and Shireroth came close to actual warfare over the issue and both sought Attera as an ally that could possibly tip the tables in either side’s favor. The Atteran Imperial Government chose to bring both to the table for talks with the prospect of peace. While the talks have just started, things look promising that a final solution can be found. While the Atteran Imperial Government still maintains it’s confrontational stance with the Revised Aggressive Foreign Policy, a new refreshing dedication to bringing peaceful solutions to conflicts, may very well catch on in the near future.

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