Attera releases details on weapons project

The MFP has been given an exclusive report from the Atteran Grand Executive Council that outlines a weapons development project that has been undertaken by the Atteran Government and is undergoing testing in the research facilities of the Federation. The GEC says that the new weapon is a java based forum scrambling program and that the first instalment of two of these programs has arrived at the Imperial Armoury.

However, despite the devastating effects of the developed and developing weapons, they will only receive their first real test of effectiveness should Attera go to war. The only tests undertaken so far have been in the Atteran territory of Qadoob, Bautchii-Sedera, which is an isolated part of the nation.

Since Attera follows a policy of active defence, the Imperial Defence Forces would only be permitted to use these new weapons in a retaliatory strike. As HIH Ras Diga stated, “Of course, we will continue to remain in our peaceful mode for a long while I hope, but, we will be prepared for whatever upstart micronation that tries us. We are the dominant military power, and I foresee us being that way for a very long time to come.”

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