Attera: Soon to have an official religion?

In a question to the Atteran government yesterday, Dejazmatch Benjamin Farzan, a new Atteran citizen, raised the issue of religion within the Empire, specifically regarding the Jewish faith, which is the faith of the Imperial household. Farzan, who is also Jewish, stated that if Judaism was to become the official religion of the Empire, something which has been regularly proposed over the Sinclair Era, he would like to implement various Jewish traditions into the operations of the Imperial High Court of Justice in his role as the High Judge.

In a reply to Dejazmatch Farzan, the Emperor stated that Attera is a Jewish State, only to be corrected by the Prime Minister who assured the Emperor that there is no law currently in force which gives official status to any religion in the Empire. Prime Minister Sinclair stated that he is “an advocate of secularism” and as such he does not support one religion being given official status, especially when the population of Attera is equally divided between Christian and Jewish beliefs, with the former becoming the more dominant religion over the past year. The Emperor did agree with the importance of secularism however he did state that he would like to see religion in Attera developed to a higher level outside of government and that he will be pursuing to make Judaism the official state religion in the future.

In related news, on the basis of the importance of Judaism in the Atteran nation, Dejazmatch Farzan has begun an unofficial poll asking Attera’s citizenry what their opinion is of the micronation known as the Aryan Nazi Empire. Farzan, who also serves as Minister of Defence, has called for the government to make preparations against the disgraceful Nazi Empire. The Prime Minister, in a discussion with the Emperor, has decided to diplomatically condemn the Nazi Empire intermicronationally, as well as keep in place all necessary precautions that may be warranted.

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