Atteran Emperor Issues Statement to LOM

In a reply to the Babkhan address to the League of Micronations on Sunday, Atteran Emperor Mik’el Tzion I expressed much satisfaction at the Babkhan efforts and good faith in mending the relationship between the two former enemies. The Emperor in his statement hinted that the long awaited peace treaty which will formalize the end of hostilities between the two nations will soon be tabled in the Argaath Perez Conference so that both nations can come to the final agreement. Tzion called on the micronational community to “learn from the mistakes of both Attera and Babkha, so that [all micronations] may focus on initiatives and actions that will enhance the micronational spirit, rather than destroy it.”

The peace efforts were nearly derailed just days ago when the Atteran government filed a complaint against the Babkhan delegation dealing with the lack of a statement to the League of Micronations and the League of Secessionist States. The Babkhan statement was quickly made and both sides agreed that in the future, the Leagues, which have generally been dead and ineffective, should have as little bearing as possible on the new Atteran-Babkhan relationship.

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