Atteran Emperor Proposes Honours for Micronational Journalists

A bill written by the Atteran Emperor, Mik’el Tzion I, has been tabled in the Grand Executive Council, and is designed to honour various micronational journalists with Imperial Awards and Orders for their service to the community. The bill, known as the Intermicronational Journalism Bill of Recognition, will, if approved by the Council, award to certain journalists the awards of the Medal of the First of December (Knight Commander Class), and the Atteran Culture Medal for contributions to the field of intermicronational journalism, as well as assisting Attera’s large “re-birth” in the past month by providing regular coverage of events in the Empire. The staff of the Cyberian Broadcasting Corporation will all individually be honoured by the bill, with the Atteran Chronicle (and Atteran Chronicle World) chief editor, Ras Liam Sinclair, being the other recipient.

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