Atteran Emperor Responds to Overthrow

Freshly back from his deployment to the National Training Center to undergo work-ups for his upcoming deployment back to Iraq, as well as his participation in the United States Army’s Katrina relief efforts, Atteran Emperor Mik’el Tzion returned to the Solomonic Empire to find one message left for him from the Atteran population.

The message, a declaration which is the remnants of the Labour Day (05 Sep 2005) coup in which Tzion was formally disposed of as Emperor, harshly criticized him for being the primary cause of the decline of Atteran power intermicronationally, and accused Tzion of being a dictator and of dereliction of his duties as Emperor.

Almost a month since the overthrow, and with the Atteran Empire now working towards a new constitution and start on life, at a new forum location, the disposed sovereign, posting on old forums still under his control, released a somber, yet bold, statement to his few, if any, remaining subjects (all active citizens of Attera joined the coup and have since formally signed the aforementioned declaration).

In the statement, Tzion “dismissed” the Eleventh Imperial Government, led by then-Prime Minister (and now co-Regent of Attera) Johanns fonn Klosso, for the “serious undermining of Imperial Authority [and] … disregard for the wishes of [Emperor Tzion]”. Tzion also declared that all those participating in the coup have been stripped of their rank, positions, and citizenship; though, he offered amnesty to any participant who wished to return to Attera under his rule. Tzion finally declared the declaration of the Atteran people (the Hisb’) to be null and void and reinstituted the Fifth Crimson Constitution.

Some joyful news was also included in the statement by Tzion, though it was not directly related to the current situation the former sovereign finds himself in micronationally. Following his first deployment to Iraq in 2003-2004, Tzion and his wife, Marie, unfortunately fell into marital problems which led to a divorce. In his statement today, Tzion informed the intermicronational community that both had worked out their problems and we preparing to re-marry on 01 November of this year. The couple has two children, Jihan, and Diga V.

Editor’s Note: Some interesting historical points that I thought of while writing this article, but were not included for relevancy reasons:

(1) The line of imperial governments ended with the coup in that the Eleventh Imperial Government no longer exists and there has yet to be a Twelfth Imperial Government formed under the Empress Jihan I. This is primarily due to the Sixth Crimson Constitution framework having yet to be completed to allow for the formal government to be declared.

(2) It is interesting to note that the poor construction of the Fifth Crimson Constitution, which did not even provide lawful existence for the Prime Minister or his cabinet, meant that Attera could not be legally ruled in an effective manner during the Emperor’s absence as the Prime Minister had no constitutional mandate. This document contributed to the decline of the Atteran Empire which in turn contributed to the eventual coup.

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