Atteran Prime Minister Election Becomes Two Way Race

Attera’s first prime ministerial election since October 2002 has become a two way race with Ras Johanns fonn Klosso announcing his candidacy. The announcement will make this election the first to involve two or more candidates since the April 2002 elections that took place after secession from Tymaria.

Klosso, who became an Atteran citizen less than a week ago, is currently the representative of Makonnia Imperial Region as well as the nation’s chief diplomat, and is best known from his days as leader of the former Corporate Fascist State of Cranda, which he lead in a conflict against Attera in late 2002. With the mistakes made by both sides which lead to that conflict well in the past, and the Ras forming a close friendship with other Atterans, he made the candidacy announcement citing that he would create a “strong and able-bodied Attera,” and make the nation into a “great and powerful nation, respected by the entire micronational community.” Klosso also stated in his announcement of his intent to utilize the citizens of Attera “in all their strengths” to help achieve his goal of Atteran greatness.

With just over one month before the start of this summer’s Prime Ministerial election, which will bring into office the tenth imperial government, the Atteran Chronicle World will shortly begin its election coverage. We will be bringing you feature interviews with all the candidates and we are currently planning an election debate. For all the latest regarding Election 2004, stay with us.

Note: If you are currently an Atteran citizen and wish to vote in the July election, please ensure that you are on the Registrar of Electors by visiting the national Ezboard forum for the election.

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