Atteran Prime Ministerial Elections Fast Approaching

As Prime Minister Anderson has been forced to resign from his position due to real life obligations to the United States Army, Atteran elections commissioner Liam Sinclair has adjusted the election date for Attera from Oct 02-09, 2002 to Sep 23-30, 2002. The winner will then take office on October 01, 2002.

The election race, really isn’t a race at all. With registration ending tomorrow, it is likely that HIH Ras Diga will win the Prime Minister’s seat by acclamation. In a speech to the public, Ras Diga outlined several key points of his election platform. His major plan is to create the Third Crimson Constitution that will replace the Second version which was declared null and void by the Atteran legislative system just months ago.

With the micronational world once again in the grips of war fears, Ras Diga promises that the Atteran nation will exercise restraint and will deal with potential threats in more productive ways. However, he does go on to state that the Atteran military will remain the most dominant military in the micronational scene.

The Attera economy is another one of the Ras’ electoral points. However, as recent events have shown, the micronational economic scene is in need of a major boost. Perhaps the activation of Attera’s economy will produce such a result.

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