Atteran Regent begins his term

The end of January saw the Establishment of the Regency Bill (officially Bill G004) go before the Grand Executive Council, which was to vote on the bill. The weekend, however, saw the return of Emperor Tzion I after an absence of a couple of weeks. With his return, the Emperor announced officially that the Regent will now begin to gradually assume the Imperial duties while the Emperor prepares to depart in the next couple of weeks for a possible war against Iraq.

The Emperor, as expected, announced that Prime Minister Ras Bit. Liam Sinclair, who has served as the Prime Minister of Attera since December 01, 2002, will take the position of Regent until the Emperor’s return from deployment in real life. Ras Bit. Sinclair also received a promotion to the rank level of Imperial Ras by Imperial decree. The Regency took effect when the Emperor used his constitutional right to declare the Establishment of the Regency Bill to be Imperial Law, thus relieving the Grand Executive Council of their duties on that Bill.

As the Emperor, along with many other Atterans, prepare to deploy, or have already deployed to Kuwait for the possible war against Saddam Hussein, the Atterans left behind are concerned for the well being of their brothers and sisters. There is a very high chance that should war come, some Atterans may not return to the nation. Should the Emperor unfortunately be one such person, once the maximum twelve month regency period ends, his wife, Her Majesty HIH Marie I, will straighten away the affairs of the Makonnen family in the nation and hand over full control of the throne to the Regent. The Regent and his successive replacements will then serve until approximately 2010 when HIH Jihan I, the Crown Princess is of the age of ascension.

The Atteran community was also relieved to hear that the Emperor had planned for the website hosting to run out. Earlier this week, the Atteran national website went offline. The Emperor said that the site will be back up next week. As for the CSC Gold with Ezboard, some believe that there is an ezboard bug affecting the Community Chest, as one Atteran has made a sizable donation to the Community Chest, however, that contribution has not yet appeared. The Atteran Imperial Government will be contacting Ezboard pending the outcome of another donation to the Community Chest made earlier today.

The Emperor will likely not be online until his return many months from now. We at the MFPnet wish the Emperor and all other Atterans who are deploying, the best of luck and we hope that they all return safely to the Atteran community.

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