King’s Birthday Honours Citizens & Foreigners Alike

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JUIN, MARKHAM (GP) – The King today from the Royal Summerhouse approved and issued the Birthday Honours List, which in Gotzborg was nailed to the post outside of Lonenberg Palace as it has every year since the inception of the Royal Kingdom. This was followed by a formal issuance of the decree from the King’s Public Attache, which was distributed to papers throughout the Kingdom.

The Birthday Honours List is usually the one time a year when both King and Kingdon recognize foreign heads-of-state and statesmen who have contributed in some way to Gotzborg, through either military, diplomatic, economic matters or simply as a token of goodwill. The Birthday Honours as well recognize citizens of Gotzborg who have likewise made contributions to the nation, the majority of new Knights and Dames occurring around this time yearly.

The original decree can be found here

The list however is placed below:

Knight of the Most Noble and Ancient Order of the Crown

HRH Prince Paul I of Paulovia

Officer of the Most Noble and Ancient Order of the Crown

President John Darcy of Anthelia
HE Ambassador James of Paulovia

Knight of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of Gotzborg

HM Osman Shahanshah of Babkha

Knight Commander of the Most Honorable Order of the Eagle

HIM Emperor Edgard II of Alexandria
HIM Emperor Nathan of Natopia

Knight Officer of the Most Honorable Order of the Eagle

HM King Alexander of Hanover
HRH Prince James, King Emeritus of Hanover
HRH Prince Enrique of Alexandria

Knight of the Most Honorable Order of the Eagle

Mr. Freddy Warren of Anthelia

Officer of the Most Honorable Order of the Eagle

HE First Minister Alfonso Rossi of Paulovia
HN Kaiser Meksan II of Shireroth

Companion of the Most Honorable Order of the Eagle

HIM Tyler-Alexander Aaron Asher-Jones I, Grand Czar of Landingberg
HE Zatriarch Maximillideus I of Matbaa
HM King Oscar of New Oscland
HM King Joseph I of Nova England

The following citizens of Gotzborg were posted as follows:

Knight of the Most Noble and Ancient Order of the Crown

HG Nicholas, Grand Duke of Markham
HG Liam, Duke of Montin

Officer of the Most Noble and Ancient Order of the Crown

Sir Thomas Maher, K.E.

Knight of the Most Exalted Order of the Star of Gotzborg

HH Prince Steven, Archduke of Pendronia

Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Eagle

HRM Queen Caroline of Gotzborg

Knight/Dame Officer of the Most Honorable Order of the Eagle

HRH Princess Julia of Gotzborg
Sir Thomas Maher, K.E.

Knight of the Most Honorable Order of the Eagle

Sir Benjamin Farzan, K.B.
Mr. Hugh O’Neill

Officer of the Most Honorable Order of the Eagle

Mr. Charles de Montford
Mr. Nathan Sheppard

Companion of the Most Honorable Order of the Eagle

Mr John Cervantes
Mr Jacob Campbell

Around the World

© 2006 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

LONENBERG (GP) – With the recent withdrawl of Lemuria from the Grand Commonwealth, there has been a surge in activity from what has become the Confederate Rianates of Lemuria, coinciding somewhat to the return of the famous/infamous Kuralyov, who has taken up as the head Lemurian diplomat. The new Lemuria also marks Sander Dieleman’s return to more active micronationalism and so far, things look good! The withdrawl of Lemuria did cause some concern, although in the end, the move was not blocked by others in the GC.

Arising somewhat out of this however has been a proposal in the Grand Commonwealth by Mr. Basil to form an Expansion Party which will espouse bringing the world under the control of the GC. So far it looks like response to the idea has been lukewarm at best. In other GC news, the Majlis is currently working on ratification of the Treaty with the rising star nation of Paulovia and the dread Shah of Babkha the Osman Shahanshah has stood for and been elected as Taoiseach. The other candidates mysteriously dropped out of the race, ensuring the Shah’s success.

In Shireroth, Erik Mortis has recently succeeded Kaiseress Semisa as Head of State, to be known for his tenure as Kaiser Letifer II. Reaction to his ascencion, while initially mixed and with some threats of resignation, the emotions were quickly calmed and Shireroth as usual, continues to bubble in its own way, now off of ezboard and on their own new forum. I am sure ezboard will miss Shireroth.

Talamthom is working on an Economic Bill presented by Prime Minister Edgard Carrillo, which is currently the only activity occuring within the quaint Irish green Republic at the moment.

In the financial world, Sander Dieleman, the bank programming guru has been holding an open forum/focus group/fact-finding in regards to the potential profitability of micronational banks. Sand is currently working on the outline to potentially work into the creation of a new banking system.

Micronational conflicts around the world seem to be somewhat limited, however with the influx of new nations over the last couple months, the desire to ‘mix it up’ has been great but has not yet resulted in any managed conflicts. WIth the MRWS bogged down and non-functional, it doesn’t seem likely that any conflicts will be occurring soon.

The Eagle wonders if it must be exam time as throughout the sector there seems to be an overall slowdown of activity, sickness and general apathy which occurs so frequently. Hopefully things swing back into motion soon, otherwise the news page may be a little less….meaty.

From the Eagle to the world…..gooooood DAY!

Royal Navy Settling In to Jutien

© 2006 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Eesdehaven, Jutien (GP) – Since the aquisition of the Duchy of Jutien from the Royal Crandish Republic, the state has been in transition mode. Although the Royal Crandish Republic maintained a military force, the War Office was quick to assemble both Army and Naval forces within the week of the announcement with the intention of establishing the authority of the Royal Kingdom in Jutien.

The War Office announced the formation of the Royal Northern Squadron from units of the Reserve Flotilla and Minorca Squadron and tasked them to carry the newly formed Jutien Brigade, commanded by Brigadier His Lordship Christopher the Count of Montrose, to the most far flung of Gotzborg’s possessions. The Squadron and its Army cargo were already a week out of port before the Grand Commonwealth called into question the legality of the Crandish Kings’ disposal of the states. Instead of being called back, the Squadron continued on its journey, being joined enroute by naval forces of the Viking Empire of Stormark, who provided escort the remainder of the way to Jutien.

Soon after the arrival of the Northern Squadron to Eesdehaven, the Jutien Brigade was disembarked and began to make their way throughout the Duchy, relieving the sparse groups of militias and units. There had been reports of some difficulty with the Sheriff of Northaven, although he was quickly relieved of his position and the City Constables told to remain at home while a unit of the Jutien Light Infantry (King Johanns’ Own) maintained order in the city. The City Constabulary has since been called back to work and the Light Infantry has taken up barracks in the city.

As the Crandish Diet gathered, the Northern Squadron struggled to find enough coal to properlly resupply the ships. Although the issue was rectified with the dispatch of a couple colliers from Altamore, these were not due to arrive for a couple weeks. In order to get ships out and patrolling territorial waters, the Squadron was forced to completely uncoal some ships to top up others. HRMS Anthelia and HRMS Solhausen were soon dispatched to sea with the three Gunboats, Sandpiper, Ladybird and Gannet to customs, fisheries and coast guard patrols. Meanwhile, the remainder of the Squadron remained in port without the fuel to conduct operations if need be.

“It was a difficult situation, which the Naval Planning Office has been reprimanded for,” a War Office Spokesman reported. “Never should any Naval asset be without ability to operate as may be required or needed. It goes against the standard of the Royal Navy.”

The Anthelia and Solhausen did see action in regards to their patrol, putting an end to the smuggling of expensive artifacts which were later found to have come out of some Royal Crandish government buildings. The items included, desks, tables, paintings, rugs, and other fixtures which had come out of buildings throughout the Principality. Although it could not be discovered where the items were destined to, one Squadron officer told the Eagle on condition of anonymity, “one of the scalliwags questioned after his boat was confiscated reported that the items were going to a rich Sheik or Khan in the Grand Commonwealth, however he was not able to provide more specific information to allow us to confirm this.”

2006, Year of Growth

© 2006 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Lonenberg (GP) – Happy New Year from the Gotzborg Eagle!

As we enter 2006, we are consistently suprised by the evolution of the sector. While the norm seems to be nations coming as fast as they are going, the pendulum has swung somewhat the other way over the last two months with the arrival in the sector of a host of new micronations which look like they have no intention of “going the way of the dodo” as many have in the past.

Among these newcomers is the Principality of Paulovia which impressed insiders from the moment of their first post in the MCS, declaring their intent to apply for land after their first 3 months online passes. This in itself was a suprise. Many of those who have been about the sector for any length have come to gauge a new nation’s possible longevity by their first impression on the MCS. Normally this entails a nation applying for land without first consulting the clearly posted rules and guidelines and then arguing to no end with the MCS management. Then it usually ends wih name calling on the part of the applicant and followed by a quick disappearance. Paulovia clearly impressed MCS Guru Orion Ilios who replied to the Paulovian claim by stating “Paulovia seems to be an exception to the more recent micronations to be developed, in that it has shown exceptional quality in etiquette and diplomacy. I look forward to the time when Paulovia fully qualifies to join our organisation.” Clearly if Paulovia continues on its course, it will in time become a strong and valuable part of the community.

The Foreign Office recently completed the Treaty of Recognition and Friendship with the Principality of Paulovia, prior to the Royal Kingdom’s usual 3 month waiting period, in itself signifying unspoken approval for the Principality’s maturity. Foreign Office insiders report that Gotzborg may be asking Paulovia to claim land on the Novasolum continent when they eventually qualify with the MCS.

In other news, the Royal Bank of Gotzborg opened two-way trading with the Central Bank of Anthelia after months of wrangling in regards to exchange rates. Anthelia’s listed exchange rate was not inline with guidelines established by the Home Office and initial economic relations were halted. With the establishment of this link, Gotzborg businesses are looking forward to the opportunity to work more closely and within Anthelia.

The Royal Kingdom welcomes two newest citizens who have so far been making a name for themselves, Mr Thomas Maher and Mr John Cervantes. Mr Maher has already been appointed to the Royal Security Police Service in the Protective Services branch and is working on protection guidelines and protocols for the Kingdom’s Royal and Government personages. Mr. Cervantes, who has recently been away on holiday, has been working on flag etiquette for the Kingdom.

And finally, the Chamber of Deputies hasnever been more active, mainly because of the enthusiastic activity and interest of Mr George Guelph. The Gotzborg Eagle wants to express its joy that the democrocratic institution of the Chamber is finally being utilized as it was intended! Good work George!

And there shall be an economy!

© 2005 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Home Office, Lonenberg, Gotzborg (GP) – The Royal Kingdom continues to forge ahead with its work in the economic side of the nation. Although progress in this important aspect of the nation took a while to gain some semblance of movement, the inertia seems to be noticeably picking up.

Late 2004 and early 2005 the King formed three major companies under the purview of the Royal Family, dealing specifically with shipbuilding, heavy industry and armaments respectively. Each of these companies produce a wide range of products specifically targetted at the simulationist aspect of the economy. With Courland Breweries joining the picture in the last month, the economic side could still be considered at a standstill.

With Mr Carson Smith’s application and formation of a consulting service in late November and under the revised rules for companies, it marked the first new movement in this area. This was quickly followed by information gathering and questions regarding privately owned banking institutions seperate from the Royal Bank, and then a BIll int he Chamber of Deputies to guide banking regulation, which in turn resultedin Sir David Roest applying to open Royal Bison Savings & Loan

This movement and the wide and varied marketing which is being carried out by KRS Shipbuilding in Gotzborg, Babkha, Natopia, Stormark, Alexandria and Talamthom has so far resulted in a total combined 247 ships having been ordered to-date. The most recent new customer to KRS has been the County of Gong Li, a component of Shireroth, who has been the first to place an order from that nation.

Although KRS has been by far the most successful in sales and products so far, KSag Heavy Industry has launched a whole new line and effort in the area of railway locomotives and equipment targetted at those nations working on the Convention of Micras Standards and Values in the Grand Commonwealth and with the Novasolum Treaty nations of Gotzborg, Anthelia and Alexandria.

Time and committment in micronational projects ebbs and flows with the reality of life however it is hoped by many that the amount of nations who see the value and benefit to the micronational economy will grow and in turn allow a self-supported system to function.

Any nations interested in launching their own participation in the micronational economy can rest easy that at this point, a starting point for sure, all that is required is a MX2 account with a suitable starting capital which will not put inter-micronational exchanges to extremes. It is recommended that the starting money be between 4 to 6 million of the national currency.

There shall be an economy, but lets make it an economy of nations and not merely a national economy!

Government Conducts Life Safety Drill

© 2005 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

Chancellery Building, Lonenberg (GP) – On November 14th, the Chancellery Building in Lonenberg, home and office of the Royal Chancellor as well as meeting place of the Royal Cabinet, was involved in the first life safety drill of government buildings in the capital.

At 4:00pm on the 14th, as most of the government was wrapping up the day, the fire alarm sounded throughout the building. Response was initially slow with the Minister of State, Foreign Office, Her Royal Highness Princess Julia being the first to evacuate from the building, followed shortly by the Royal Chancellor, Lord Montrose and then General of Police Lord Montin, who took control of the scene and re-entered the building to ensure personnel continued to evacuate.

All personnell were successfully evacuated with exception of the Minister of State Home Office, Prince Steven, and Deputy Minister of State Carson Smith, who it was later found was on business outside of the Chancellery.

Although not currently a micronational standard, Dr. Lynn Prentice of the Gotzborg Life Safety Institute recommends the practise being adopted. “The need to conduct ongoing training of all employees in any business, whether it be government or private institution, it paramount to minimizing potential liability from the loss of life or login,” says Dr. Prentice. “Forum emergencies, while not prevalent, should not preclude anyone from making the efforts to protect life within the scope of their business. Forum fires in themselves can be immensely destructive.” While unable to comment on whether or not life safety drills would have helped avoid the catastrophic losses of May 31st of this year, Dr. Prentice did say “life is the most important component of protection here, and while it would have been nice to have kept the information, thankfully no one lost their logins.”

The Royal Security Police Service were reported to have handled themselves with the calm and coolness expected of our law enforcement officials. The RSPS filed an official report the next day to the Office of His Royal Majesty on the incident. It is rumored that recommendations within the report that two members of the government are to be fined for slow response. “It’s merely a notice to ensure everyone, no matter who, is required to respond and react appropriately.

Altogether, sources within the government indicate that there will be legislation forthcoming which will enshrine the legal obligation of all businesses and enterprises with facilities in Gotzborg to conduct life safety drills once a year.

Government Salaries Announced

© 2005 Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. All Rights Reserved. Originally published in The Gotzborg Eagle, reproduced under license to Sinclair Publications.

The Home Office has released government employees’ salaries. These can be found here, with an explaination here

Discussion between the Ofice of the Minister of State in the Home Office (headed by HG Liam, Duke of Montin) and Royal Bank Chief Officer Steven DeBlood have resulted in this breakthrough for Gotzborg. Gotzborg will join a list of growing micronations to adopt some sort of economic system.

Finally, government employees can look forward to spending their hard earned money [which is basically everyone in the Kingdom, as the government is essentially the only employer at the moment].

Ernest Wilde