Babkha Addresses LOM on Attera

After a formal complaint was lodged by the Atteran Empire in the Argaath Perez peace conference between the Empire and the Kingdom of Babkha, Babkha’s Grand Vizier posted a statement to the League of Micronations General Assembly praising “Atteran achievement.” In the statement, Grand Vizier Rakesh Ackbar praised Attera for being brave enough to rework its foreign policy to mend relations with “those who were once bitter foes” while at the same time retaining its historic integrity. Ackbar reflected on what he considered Attera’s historic potential to be a peaceful and stabilizing force, stating that “it was the greatest tragedy for Micronationalism that [Attera’s] energies were sidetracked into a needless conflict with the Kingdom of Babkha.” The Atteran Emperor has yet to issue a reply publicly or through the Atteran ambassador to the League of Micronations.

With the statement, it is hoped that the peace discussions will get back on track, though the complaint issued by the Atteran Empire highlighted the inability of the League of Micronations (LOM) and League of Secessionist States (LOSS) to operate efficiently when a member state makes a request of the administrations of those organizations. At the Argaath Perez Conference, both sides briefly discussed removing their respective nations from those two organizations. Babkhan delegate Ardashir Khan, one of the original architects of the conference in late 2003, stated that he would not want to see the relationship between Attera and Babkha affected due to the “two rather dead and useless organisations [not] doing their job properly,” citing that the Scheheradze Council, a locally conceived intermicronational organization, has done more for this sector than the Leagues have.

The statements have brought back to the minds of many the Raspur Intermicronational Community (RAMIC) which was developed by Attera, Babkha, and Hanover in 2003, but never implemented. With the successes of the Scheheradze Council, the RAMIC Charter could find itself implemented as a way to address the issues of the Ezboard Sector, a specialty focus that neither the LOM or LOSS can possess.

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