Babkha, Attera Start on the Road to Lasting Peace

The Kingdom of Babkha and the Solomonic Empire of Attera have issued a joint statement regarding relations between the two nations. The two nations, once good friends, became enemies back in 2001 and have remained at a state of contempt with each other ever since.

In the statement, prepared by the Atteran Imperial Government, Ras Sinclair cited the cooperation between the two nations shown lately on issues in the Assembly of Micronations, the Alternate Realities Cartography Project, and the Raspur Conference, as the main reason for the attempt at normalizing the lines of communications between the two nations.

While each nation now officially recognizes the existence of the other, there are many hurdles which lie ahead as both current governments attempt to further improve relations by means of a treaty document. Both nations have citizens who still remember the falling out between them and have voiced strong opposition to any normalization of relations.

The major test for the new found friendship will come in the fall of this year when Atteran Emperor Tzion I returns from his deployment to Iraq. The Emperor and Babkha’s Deputy Grand Vizier, Baharm Gul Khuramdin, are not very fond of each other and their relationship has, in the past, caused a lot of problems in the efforts to normalize relations.

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