Babkha Pursues Football League

With English Intermicronational Football Association (EIFA) matches rare at present, the Kingdom of Babkha is setting out to establish its own national league to complement its football (soccer) experience. In the past, Babkha has had a very successful intermicronational football presence, having one the EIFA Tri-Nations Cup in 2004, and it is hoped that the national league will rekindle an interest in the sport.

One of Babkha’s newest citizens, Bozzy, fielded the proposal for a national league after deciding that his best contribution to the Kingdom in the short term could be through this pursuit. The Babkhan Football League will consist of fourteen teams (one for each satrap and protectorate, as well as one to be in a yet-to-be-determined location) and is currently having its simulation software beta-tested. Each team will use the rosters of macronational football teams, which will allow a large body of potential player names for a team to choose from as the league evolves. A team will have two games against each of its opponents in the league.

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