Babkhan Webhosting Problems near End

Since early May, the Kingdom of Babkha has been without its own dedicated web forums due to the end of its hosting agreement with Yet, an end is in sight with the Kingdom on its way to bringing its own exclusive web-hosting package online.

The beleaguered micronation was paralyzed by the loss of its forums as its government was left without a way to access critical materials and the daily-life of the micronation came to a halt. In lieu of the loss of the forums, the Grand Commonwealth granted a temporary forum that has done little to maintain a semblance of activity. The lack of regular and substantive activity within the Kingdom is not new and has been an overly regular aspect of daily Babkhan life for over two years. With the loss of its forums this month, the Sultanate of Hatay used the event, in combination with Babkha’s near-death activity record, to justify its breakaway into an independent state.

Darius Rugahi, a prominent Babkha and the current Protector of the Grand Commonwealth, has come forward to purchase a webhosting package for Babkha that will give it exclusive control over its web space. The package is the preferred alternative to the previous option that was to borrow web space from the Kingdom of Oscland, a fellow Grand Commonwealth member. According to Rugahi, former Babkhan Shah Ardashir Khan is in the process of unlocking the Babkhan domain, which is the final requirement prior to the web space purchase.

The new hosting package with its technical advantages gives promise to Babkha’s future; however, a return to its former glory is not widely expected.

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