Babkhans Muse on Secession from Grand Commonwealth

Several prominent Babkhans are engaged in a Regency Council Session aimed at producing concord on the issue of Babkha’s future participation in the Grand Commonwealth, an intermicronational government organization of which the micronation was a key founding member. The recommendation to secede from the Grand Commonwealth, put forward by Ardashir Khan, has received wide support amongst the Babkhan population.

In his opening remarks on the issue, Mr. Khan noted that, “[Babkha values] the bonds of friendship which that alliance represents … [however] we cannot be burdened by bureaucracy where we desire decisive action and we must reassert the paramouncy [sic] of our own national self-interest.” Mr. Khan also charged that, “there is ultimately no overarching unity of purpose between Babkha and [the United Baronies of Aerlig and Treesia] save for the person of [the Grand Commonwealth’s] present Taoiseach Sir Iain de Vembria.” Both of those micronations are considered the cornerstones of the Grand Commonwealth.

Babkha’s Regent, Sahib Jahandar Khan, who is serving while its Shah is away on leave, supports the sentiments of Mr. Khan, as does Babkhan veteran Hesam Jahandar, though the latter notes that proper preparation needs to be taken first rather than for Babkha to just simply leave the Grand Commonwealth.

Darius Rugahi is the vocal opponent to the idea of any secession from the Grand Commonwealth noting that, “the current surge of activity within the Kingdom can [give] us the opportunity to strengthen our national culture and identity and invest in our organization and infrastructure while being able to share the load of diplomacy and foreign affairs.” The Commonwealth organization was created to take control over the military, foreign affairs, and economic responsibilities of its members while respecting their individual and internal sovereignties.

According to Mr. Rugahi, “it is the balance between Babkha and UBAT that upkeeps the Grand Commonwealth. If either of the two withdrew, the Commonwealth would collapse.” Unbeknownst to Mr. Rugahi at the time is that the United Baronies (UBAT) is currently in the midst of its own secession movement, with a bill before its national legislature likely to succeed. Lachlan Powers, an integral architect of the Grand Commonwealth who has admitted that the organization has little relevance to the future of the United Baronies, proposed the secession bill.

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