Baharm Leaves Babkha

Long time Babkhan Bahram Gul Khuramdin has announced that he will leave the Kingdom of Babkha. In his announcement, Khuramdin cited his main reasons for leaving as the “kids are running the show now” and “nothing of interest seems to happen.” While he is leaving the Kingdom, Khuramdin did not rule out the possibility of a return to micronational life at a later date. Khuramdin has long been seen as the biggest threat by both sides in the Attera-Babkha efforts to mend past differences, however, despite the horrible relations between Attera and Khuramdin, Prime Minister Ras Bit. Sinclair still wished him an enjoyable vacation. The effects of his departure from Babkha on the Attera-Babkha problem will likely become evident in the near future.

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