Bailey announces extensive government restructuring

President Bobbie Bailey (also serving as Prime Minister) is proceeding with the implementation of an extensive restructuring for the Bobalanian government in which close to a dozen ministries will be woven into the fabric of the micronation, with each being required to achieve activity goals upon the appointment of ministers.

The implementation of minimum activity requirements marks the latest policy introduced by the President to combat low activity levels in the tiny micronation. In October, the President introduced a weekly incentive that rewarded the most active Bobalanian at the national forums with a sum of Bobalans (currency). In this latest policy, the Prime Minister will be required to make at least twenty posts per week with a majority of the remaining ministries having to achieve at least ten posts per week. The Ministries of Food and Design each have the lowest requirement at two posts per week.

The restructuring also includes an extensive listing of the duties of each government ministry to provide potential ministers with items to address in meeting the required activity levels, such as mayors having to gain one-hundred citizens for each city in the micronation.

The micronation’s Deputy Prime Minister, Honore de Balzac, praised the reforms, stating that they “will make everything much clearer for potential government members.”

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