Baracao ratifies treaty limiting micronational war

The Republic of Baracao today became the second signatory nation to the Scheheradze Convention on Micronational Warfare with the announcement of its Chairman, Antonio Vitores Ramon, that it had ratified the agreement. It has been nearly three months since the Convention was first adopted by the Atteran Empire and after much lobbying by the Atteran Empire, the process of spreading the Convention throughout the micronational arena seems to have begun, with Baracao’s ally, the Kingdom of Babkha, likely to join the Convention. Babkha’s foreign minister and grand vizier, Abbas Namvari, today introduced a motion in the Majlis to adopt the Convention.

The Scheheradze Convention is designed to eventually eliminate micronational warfare in the future by limiting it as a state vs. state tool today. The Convention is currently in its first draft, and in successive drafts it will be further refined. The talks on the Convention are held annually in the Atteran Empire during the Intermicronational Military Expo. Some nations have been threatening to start up a new convention on micronational warfare because they have failed to understand that anyone can sign up at the next convention and further help to refine it as has been planned since the beginning of the Convention talks.

The Atteran Imperial Government congratulated the Republic of Baracao on taking a positive move forward by ratifying the Convention and hopes that the current members of the Convention, as well as all micronations interested, attend the second session of the Convention to start this summer in the Atteran Empire.

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