Baronies Protector Dismisses Delegate to Grand Commonwealth

Dugobert Wurmser, one of the longest serving delegates for the United Baronies of Aerlig and Treesia in the legislative body of the Grand Commonwealth, was fired by the nation’s head of state, Lachlan Powers, last week.

Allegedly, the United Baronies delegation to the Majlis-i-Dharma – consisting of Wurmser and Iain de Vembria – has not been actively participating in debates on critical issues, leading to Protector Powers to become irritated with the delegation that currently consists of Wurmser and Iain de Vembria. As a result, Powers utilized an obscure clause of the Baronial constitution (known officially as the “Uniting Documents”) that requires members and representatives of the government to post on the national forums one every ten days. Wurmser had not done so for a period of twelve days at the time of his firing.

Citing macronational time constraints, Wurmser quickly nominated himself as a candidate in the election that was triggered by the Protector-induced vacancy on the delegation. He will be going against a long-time citizen of both of the formerly independent Treesia and Aerlig, Liam Sinclair, who is the favoured by the Protector as the new delegate. Sinclair, a well-known United Baronies nationalist and opponent of the Grand Commonwealth, is the leading contender in the ongoing election with a three votes to one lead over Wurmser. The election concludes in three days.

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