Beard Elected as Atteran Prime Minister for Third Time

Imperial Ras Charles Beard has been confirmed as the new prime minister for the Solomonic Empire of Attera, which was recently reformed following close to a year of inactivity that resulted from a flurry of coups and counter-coups. It is the third time in the history of the micronation that Beard has found himself holding the position, with the previous two terms being in 2000 and 2001.

Announcing the elections results, Atteran Emperor Yaqob noted in a mockingly-tone that Beard had received all three votes cast, while his opponent, Mr. Beard, received no votes at all (alluding to the light-sided attitude amongst all Atterans in response to only one person running for election).

Beard campaigned on a modest platform with only three major policies – immigration, foreign affairs, and establishment of proper laws. Beard intends to find or replace laws which were in effect under previous administrations, prior to the outbreak of coups in 2005 following the Exodus of the Atterans in February of that year, noting that a “nation without laws … cannot survive”. He also promised to work to bring Attera back onto the intermicronational stage, where it has not been seen very often since its reformation, and to undertake a macronational campaign to gain new citizens.

All was not rosy with the election as the extremely low-turnout underlined one of the major problems facing Attera – the lack of new citizens. All citizens of Attera at this time are all veterans who have been with the micronation for numerous years, prior to the Exodus in which many of them initially left the micronation due to the tyrannical rule of former Emperor Mik’el Tzion (Diga Makonnen). Most of the citizens lost any genuine interest in the micronation following Makonnen’s counter-coup against the Klosso regime (who is now known as Emperor Yzqob) which overthrew the tyrant on Labour Day 2005. In his acceptance speech, Beard noted that “the [Atteran Imperial Government] is bending over backwards for the populace and we receive little response.”

According to Beard, “[Current Atterans] can now reach out and recruit a new generation of Atterans and make ourselves great again, or we can wither away. And there will be no resurrection [of the Atteran nation the] next time.”

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