Bill 65: The Amerada Senate Bill Fails

Today, Prime Minister Derek McCullough, who serves as speaker of the Amerada Legislature, announced that Bill 65, the bill to give Amerada a senate, failed to pass. The bill received 3 votes in favour, and 2 votes against, thus failing to achieve the majority plus one to become law.

This is perhaps the largest turnout for any vote in the legislature in recent months. It brings to bear a serious question, “Why is the government putting up with 5 inactive members in the legislature?” This is clearly not acceptable practice and by-elections should be called immediately to remedy the situation.

In response to the failure of the bill, President Earl Washburn, who introduced the bill, said that he voted against the very bill he introduced. He decided to vote nay when he read the MFP’s report on the bill which uncovered a serious flaw in the bill. President Washburn plans to wait until the new version of Bill 65 (amended) is introduced in abut a year. The Amerada Legislature schedule is also extremely ineffective since it seems to take a year for a bill to be voted on, which really isn’t good for a micronation.

In other legislative news in Amerada, Bill 66, one of the remnants of Yuri’s time in Amerada has been tabled for debate. This bill is mainly a foreign policy initiative in Amerada that states it will be a friend to all nations, and will not engage in espionage or other “black ops” type missions.

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