Bill 70 still a hot topic in the Amerada Legislature

In the last edition, we told you of a new bill that has been introduced to the Amerada Legislature for debate. The bill, officially Bill 70, will limit the presidential term in Amerada to three months as well as implement major election reforms to the Amerada electoral system.

The bill has been re-written by legislator Nick Bridgewater to include what he sees as the best amendments. His version of the bill supports a three month presidential term, a right to vote for all Amerada citizens (which is in place today, but just not officially), and the major proposal of Mr. Bridgewater is an amendment to the third clause of the bill which states that all voting in Amerada will be done on the Ezboard. Mr. Bridgewater’s proposal is as follows for the amendment to that clause which is widely seen as useless (the original clause).

“There shall be a non-partisan Elections Officer who shall be chosen by the President. He shall be the moderator of the elections poll in all Presidential elections. Only vote vote will be allowed per log-in and no extra votes shall be created by the Elections Officer, neither shall he reduce the votes. The current President shall have no control over the poll during his/her election. The maximum term as Elections Officer shall last two (2) years.”

Despite the change which President Washburn widely favours, it is expected that the bill will indeed fail the vote as the President will direct the DLPA to vote against it so he won’t have to give up the job until the upcoming presidential election next year. After that presidential election, it’ll be four years before another one is called.

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