Bobby convicted in Puritanian High Court

Politikan President Bobby, and long time advisor to former Puritanian Lord Protector Starr, has been convicted by the High Court. Lord Chief Justice Alan Grieve, who presided over the case announced the verdict today. The charges on which Bobby was found guilty are violation of the Treason Act (one count), violation of the Security Act (one count), and finally, one count of violation of the Compact – the constitution of the Commonwealth of Puritania. The trial initially commenced on March 11/2003. Sentencing will be handed down at a later date. Justice Grieve said in the verdict that “[in regard to] the previous claim of head of state immunity, the Court has previously rejected that anyone can claim head of state immunity in respect of their activities in Puritania as Puritanian subjects.”

Bobby has yet to make a statement on the verdict. Meanwhile, the trial of former Lord Protector Julian Starr continues to be plagued by delays due to “real” world obligations on the part of Justice Grieve, as well as the lack of members of the jury. The latter problem has forced Justice Grieve to order the High Sheriff to find candidates for the jury by May 28 so that the trial may get back underway.

Update (20:09 hours): Bobby has issued the following response to his conviction in the Puritanian courts: “Conviction? What conviction? I don’t know anything about a conviction!”

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