Bosworth King Announces Future Plans

The tiny micronation of Bosworth, which has a theme currently based on 15th century England, may soon be receiving a makeover if its citizenry find three new proposals put forth by the King agreeable. The proposals are the first of several initiatives on the part of King Edward in recent days to spur development in his micronation.

Noting that a themed micronational military (simulated) is a rarity in the community, the King has put forth an alteration plan that will see Bosworth’s military transform into a 15th century force complete with knights, men-at-arms, and archers. The current military will see its air force dismantled and its navy substantially reduced to allow for the change in theme. As well, a new recreational warfare system will be developed for a medieval military system. Military forces within local duchies will come under the command of the local Count, a new position that will provide the power of collection of rent from residents to pay tributes to the crown. The counts will also be given expanded powers over the land that they are in possession of. Finally, the Church will be allowed to purchase land and collect funds to increase its power and relevance within the micronation.

The proposals have received a warm reception amongst the Bosworth citizenry, as well as from Harald Thorstein, the Emperor of Stormark.

In addition to these new ideas for the micronation, the King has also been busy in recent days developing the basis for a new land claim on the Micronational Cartography Society world map, as well as creating local infrastructure.

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