Boycott called for against Hanoverian casino

Mike Phyle and Robert Gresham, two prominent citizens of the Kingdom of Hanover, have called for a boycott against the Casino Bergen, an operation run by Ciaron Broeck, currently the Prime Minister of Hanover. The controversy surrounding Hanover’s most active business stems from the lack of rules governing the operation of games at the Casino. Phyle calls this action by the casino “unfair and immoral” as “the casino doesn’t tell you the rules of the game that you pay to play.” Gresham hit back harder against the Casino, accusing Broeck and Thomas Cutterham of conspiring to commit fraud. Gresham filed a request for a cease and desist order in the superior court of Hanover against Cutterham for abusing his moderator powers in closing the gaming thread as Cutterham isn’t a member of the Casino staff.

Broeck stated in opposition to the call for a boycott that he is “very pissed off, I should not have to sit and write a million and one rules covering every @#$% ‘loophole’. [Customers] should just be able to engage in the game in the manner in which it was intended.” However, as pointed out by Gresham, the lack of rules does beg the question of what is exactly intended to be the manner in which the game is played.

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