Breaking News: Anthelia Parliament to Consider Seeking Annexation by Gotzborg

The Speaker of the Anthelian Parliament, Freddy Warren, has tabled a resolution directing that micronation’s Executive Council to begin proceedings to secede Anthelia’s sovereignty to the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg. In his resolution, Warren claims that “the activity of the citizens of the Republic of Anthelia has been at an all-time low and that even the President of the Republic has in the past month shown a lack of interest in the future of the micronation.” As such, he is calling for the micronation to end its time as a sovereign entity and work to secure annexation by Gotzborg, with which it has “forged a common destiny.”

While Anthelia’s domestic activity problems are known throughout Novasolum, there was no indication within the Royal Government that the situation had become so desperate. The current Council of Ministers meeting underway in Lonenberg has had its agenda pre-empted by this surprise resolution so that the Royal Cabinet can formulate a reply to this situation.

More to follow.

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