Bridgewater Wins Federal By-Election

The results are in on the federal by-election for Electoral District 8, and the winner is the MSA candidate Nick Bridgewater, by just one vote. This was a big surprise to the opposition coalition and now means they have one seat in the federal legislature. However, one vote doesn’t mean much in Amerada as the legislature is still strongly DLPA (12 seats).

After the election, President Washburn put up the leadership Act that is designed to ban all leaders of other micronations from leading Amerada. This means that Mr. Bridgewater and Mr. Little will not be leading Amerada anytime soon and that Earl has proven he is a dictator in an effort to ban leaders of other nations from leading Amerada. In micronations, there are many people who lead many different nations – it’s a micronational way. Amerada under Earl seems to be slipping into reality too much. President Washburn has made it known that this controversial clause in the Act will not be negotiated upon.

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