By-Election Ready to Get Underway

Tebec has been virtually silent this past week because in just a few days, the by-election for Lower San Datoon, the first by-election in Tebec history, will be ready to get underway. The election is scheduled for May 20, to May 27, 2002.

Registration for political parties to enter into the election ended yesterday. Once again, a Tebec election will be between two parties as it was for the general election back in February. The only change this time around is that the Monarchist Society of Tebec (MST) failed to register a candidate for the by-election. The void left by the MST has been filled by the Democratic Liberal Party of Tebec (DLPT) which missed the registration deadline for the general election in February and therefore could not run.

The leader of the MST, Peter Little, could not be reached for comment on why his party failed to register for the by-election.

The campaigning for the by-election has been quiet on both fronts. It is expected to be a close race to fill the sixth and only vacant seat in the Commons.

The Tebec Conservative Party (TCP), which is the ruling body in Tebec, is the other party running for election to this Lower SD Electoral District. They are running on their current platform of major economic reforms, which have made Tebec the richest and so far the only Amerada colony to be above the poverty line.

The DLPT will be running on their platform’s promise to fight for maintaining the Tebec economic situation as it is right now, and eventually supporting growth within the laws of Amerada and Tebec. They also want to form a union for the mining industry of Tebec, the largest industry in Tebec. Both of these points may give them serious votes in the polls as San Datoon is a mining town.

Update from the Tebec Commons

The Commons would just like to pass on publicly that it will go into recess tomorrow, May 19, 2002. IT would also like to pass on that it will reopen for the Second Session of Second Commons on June 28, 2002.

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