Cabinet moves to break relations with New Brittania, limit expansions

Geneva, Alexandria; Genevan Arrow – The Imperial Cabinet, led by His Imperial Majesty, approved today a new Order-in-Council, setting new policy towards new expansions on the Giess and Micras maps and breaking relations with the Kingdom of New Brittania.

Following an on-going spat that spanned from the MCS to Landingberg over an unwarranted New Brittanian blockade of the Holzer Wilhelm Isles, relations between New Brittania and Alexandria sunk to new lows by constant attacks and personal insults between both parties during the on-going crisis. This event caused the Imperial Cabinet to take up, at the behest of the Foreign Minister, to break relations with the Kingdom of New Brittania. Eventually, the Kingdom of New Brittania withdrew its forces and lifted the blockade.

The provisions contained in this Directive would allow New Brittania to still be unilaterally recognized by the Empire of the Alexandrians as a sovereign and independent micronation, but it repealed two treaties between Alexandria and New Brittania. The Order-in-Council also officialized an internal private Cabinet policy that was already in place that limited expansions in both the Micras and Giess maps. “This Order-in-Council is meant to send a clear message,” stated the Foreign Minister, Prince Enrique. “It should send a clear message about Alexandria’s seriousness.”

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