Calvani declared Prime Minister

Candidate Tristan Calvani did what was widely expected – he won the election for the Prime Minister of Attera, defeating rivals Matt McIvor and Chris Donle. According the Elections Amerada, Calvani took 63.04% of the vote, with McIvor in a distant second place with 21.74%. Mr. Donle, as was also widely expected, finished in last with a mere 15.22% of the vote.

Late at night on October 16, 2002, Calvani was sworn in by President Washburn, to become Amerada’s fourth Prime Minister. After assuming office, he made a brief statement to the public, and announced that Mr. Donle would become Amerada’s next deputy Prime Minister, replacing Mr. McIvor who served as DPM under the outgoing McCullough regime.

After just one day of being Prime Minister, Mr. Calvani has shown more activity than any member of the government in recent history has (with the exception of Mr. Washburn). In his opening address to the DLPA National Convention (which in essence is mainly a cabinet meeting, with about three people actually showing up to it…kind of like the Canadian senate! LOL!), Calvani paid tribute to outgoing Prime Minister McCullough, and his outgoing Deputy, Mr. McIvor:

There’s some one very important person we need to thank, however, and that is the outgoing Prime Minister, Mr. Derek M. McCullough, who has lead and guided this nation through a year of politics, over two terms, in it’s infant years. Mr. McCullough, you have been a strong and integral leader for Amerada in its early history. There is no substitute for that. After being Deputy Prime Minister under Earl Washburn, you took up the Premier’s office in June 2001 at Washburn’s resignation. You have not been immune from your downs either, being impeached in September, but you overcame that and worked your way up to Deputy PM again, this time under Will Steeves. At Steeves impeachment in December 2001, Derek, you took up the position of Prime Minister again, to become an instrumental leader and Amerada’s longest serving Premier. You are a loyal citizen and have helped to build somewhat of a renaissance for Amerada. Derek McCullough, along with a few others, is without doubt one of the fathers of this nation, that being no exaggeration. Well done Derek, the DLPA and citizens of Amerada thank you for loyal service and hope to see you in the future.

Someone else should also be thanked. That is outgoing Deputy Prime Minister, our favorite New Zealander, Matthew McIvor, a.k.a. Mattlore Devious. It goes without saying you have been a loyal and good leader who have steered through times of trial along with Prime Minister McCullough and for that we thank you.

Thank you both for your great service to this country.

Later on the first day of the convention, Prime Minister Calvani outlined his agenda as the new head of Amerada’s government. Major points of his agenda include more vigorous foreign relations (which the President is opposed to as he’s not well received on the world stage), the pursuance of his plan for a plead of loyalty for all citizens, getting more citizens, writing the constitution, and, finally, making the economy more active. The full text of Calvani’s various addresses to the Convention can be found here.

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