Candidates Chosen as Nominations Set to Close

A recent explosion in new membership with the Alexandrian Conservative Party has been reflected in both the prime ministerial and parliamentary election nominations. The Conservative Party, which has struggled to maintain relevance in the past year with everyday Alexandrians, has fielded five candidates. Meanwhile, the current governing party, the Amelioration Party, is set to return to obscurity with only one candidate in place for the Imperial Parliament.

The fight for the prime ministry will see the Amelioration Party field Augusto Benavides, a fixture in the Alexandrian foreign ministry, while the Conservatives will put forth Jose Frias, a respected former prime minister. Neither candidate has, as of yet, released an election platform, possibly due to neither of the two parties having a policy platform. The Amelioration Party has been hinting towards the release of a new policy for the last number of months, while the Conservative Party has been just as inefficient. That inefficiency is evident in the Conservative Party National Convention, begun in May, which at barely one-quarter through its agenda hints at a policy platform release of sometime in the coming year.

Meanwhile, in the races for the Imperial Parliament, the Conservative Party is in a good position to gain a majority with two of its candidates expected to be acclaimed in the province of San Martin and the Overseas Possessions. The Amelioration Party’s sole parliamentary candidate, Richard Andelarion, is anticipated to be acclaimed for the province of Valenciennes, while there will be head-to-head races in the provinces of Baudrix and Rio Grande. In Rio Grande, new Conservative member Ronnie Vibora will face off against veteran parliamentarian Juan Ciervo. Baudrix will feature Independent Cosme D’Aurach, another newcomer to the political scene, battling against another veteran parliamentarian, Jean Pierre Robespierre of the Conservative Party.

Nominations will formally close later today, with the actual elections occurring from 12 July to 16 July.

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