Carmichael Government faces vote of confidence

chamberGeneva, Alexandria; ABCC News – Sparks flew today in the Imperial Parliament as First Consul Jean Carmichael and Eva Fernandez, MP for Baudrix and Leader of the Opposition, started a bitter mudslinging contest centered over two bills – the Economic Stimulus Act, a Government bill, and the Executive Government Reorganization Act, a bill authored by Fernandez. The mudslinging has led to the resignation of a Government Minister, and has triggered a perilous vote of confidence on the Carmichael Government.

The debate over the Executive Government Reorganization Act, which is a bill that reorganizes government ministries and creates a Civil Service system, was brought on the Parliament floor by Speaker Juan Ciervo (I-RG), and sparked strong opposition from the First Consul, who offered a massive amendment which changed almost all of the text of the bill. Before the Conservatives could craft their response to the amendment proposed, Liam Sinclair wrote an open letter expressing his strong opposition to the amendment, and calling for Parliament to “introduce and evolve its bureaucratic level of government; a level that would be attractive to both current and new citizens should it be clearly defined.” The First Consul issued a harsh response to Sinclair’s letter, all the while taking on Fernandez as well. “To paraphrase, Mssr. Speaker, the Right Honourable Lady was blessed with great eloquence and many other great skills when she was born by Angels. Yet one Angel appears to have recognised that placing such a prodigious amount of skills into one person was dangerous and so deprived her of two of the greatest skills a person needs: wisdom and rationality,” he stated. The harsh criticism was taken personally by Fernandez, who proceeded to resign as Home Secretary, and moved for a vote of confidence on the First Consul.

Meanwhile, the debate over the Economic Stimulus Act intensified over a provision that would nationalize all Alexandrian businesses and corporations as well as give the Alexandrian government power to reorganize them. Conservative MP from Baudrix Pierre Guigou moved to strike that clause from the bill, which met severe opposition from the Liberal caucus. Despite heavy opposition from the Government, the amendment passed in what seemed to be a strictly partisan vote. Speaker Ciervo broke the tie by casting the final yes vote needed for the amendment to pass.

The First Consul and the rest of the Liberal caucus has yet to respond to the motion.

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