Carmichael outlines electoral platform

In the province of Baudrix, Alexandria’s former Lord Chief Justice, John Carmichael, launched his bid to gain election to the Imperial Parliament, as a member for the Amelioration Party, by first attempting to clear the air concerning his recent controversial comments about the province of Valenciennes.

In a lengthy address to his home-province’s voters, Carmichael explained his objections to Valenciennes “recently illegal provincial devolution” as being grounded in his interpretation of the law of the day. Carmichael noted that he believes that there are “far ranging complications in having such a free and unchecked provincial body [the Valenciennes Provincial Parliament] seemingly operating outside the law.” He went on to express anger over Valenciennes’ recent victory in lobbying the Emperor to overturn an Imperial Parliament law that conflicted with the Imperial Charter issued to that province.

Reflecting on the election at hand, Carmichael has promised to seek reforms to the micronation’s legal system, and to strengthen the constitutional law. Citing his time as Lord Chief Justice, he argued that both areas are “lacking in many respects” and criticized Valenciennes’ election candidate Lysander Spooner for wanting to implement constitutional reforms to enshrine mandatory military service and Catholicism as the official state religion. According to Carmichael, the constitution requires a stronger amendment process so that it cannot be amended “at the whim of an electoral dictatorship” by an Act of Parliament alone. Despite he arguments against Valenciennes, he stated that he supports each province being given a greater role in management of the constitution.

Criticizing the failure of the previous Imperial Parliament as being connected to the Conservative Party, which held all but one seat, Carmichael charged that “the Conservatives … picked … unreliable candidates to be placed in positions of powers in the Parliament, merely so they could [ruthlessly] control Parliamentary Business.” That charge struck a sour note with Prime Minister Jose Frias, who is a former resident and member of parliament for Baudrix. According to Frias, the comment served only to “inflame partisanship in Alexandria [and] misleads voters into thinking that the Constitution is [being] redesigned.” Frias also charged that Carmichael was incompetent and “contributed negatively” during his time as Lord Chief Justice.

The Prime Minister was also critical of Carmichael’s stance towards Valenciennes, stating that the activity in Valenciennes is “a mighty big sign of progress … a continuation of the Valenciennes tradition of having a strong and active provincial government.”

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