Carmichael set to become new Assembly Speaker

Jean Carmichael, Duc D’Evreaux and current First Consul, is set to become the Imperial Assembly’s first Speaker. Having nominated himself and been seconded by First Consul front runner Sebastien Dev, the wily old political operator is set to retire as First Consul upon his election as Speaker. Liberal Party strategists are already indicating that Carmichael will seek to return the Speakership to the position it held in the Imperial Parliaments of 2005-2009. In this period of Alexandrian Democracy the Speakership served as partisan figure rather than the impartial one we have been used to in recent times. The Speaker controlled the Parliament and its agenda. It is thought that Carmichael will attempt to push an administrative overhaul of the Alexandrian Legal Codes during his Speakership. Whether the legislative agenda of a new First Consul will get off the ground remains to be seen.

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