Carmichael takes Speakership after bitter contest. Dev likely to become First Consul

An Imperial Deputy from San Martin rises to defend Pierre Guigou

Jean Carmichael, Duc d’Evreaux, has been confirmed as the Speaker of the Imperial Assembly after a sometimes bitter debate as to the future and role of the Speakership. Carmichael had previously been a shoe-in for the role but had slipped up after First Consul front runner, Sebastien Dev, revealed that confidential discussions between both men had shown a schism in their thinking about the Speakership. Carmichael had been advocating a forceful and independent Speakership whilst Dev had consistently called for a moderated Speakership which should be put forward the Government’s legislative agenda above others.

The contest between the two ideas came to a head when Primo de Aguilar, the Deputy for Santiago in Santander, decided to put himself forward as a compromise candidate. The independent Deputy’s proposal met with a cool response from Carmichael who pointed out Aguilar’s views on the Constitutional Settlement. Meanwhile Dev did not even respond to the initiative but instead spoke of compromise. The true drama later emerged when Aguilar withdrew his own nomination and instead nominated Pierre Guigou, the MoDem Deputy from Las Cruces. Carmichael, seemingly fearful of the possible election of Guigou over his own chances, launched a blistering attack on Guigou’s record as a Member of Parliament and Government Minister. Carmichael accused Guigou of being a stooge to his party’s will stating:

I, and Governments I have lead, have often been the victim of [this] crippling partisanship. Yet I think it is some with some gall that he offers moderation. The Honourable Member is blindly partisan. I have never known him to not once vote with his Party Leader whoever that may be. Loyalty is a fine quality but in excess it fills political graveyards, my fellow Deputies. If the Honourable Member for San Martin gains Speakership that is what this place will become.

Carmichael later stated in his speech that the election of Guigou would be a death sentence to the Imperial Assembly. However, he did offer an olive branch to Dev arguing that a compromise could be found. Guigou responded immediately to the speech as howls of derision rose from MoDem Deputies across the floor from Carmichael’s privileged position as First Consul. Guigou accused the sitting First Consul of resorting to old tactics of personal attacks upon his opposition and derailing the efforts of the Assembly. Dev meanwhile decided to accept the compromise and Carmichael was duly elected Speaker of the Imperial Assembly. Dev has since become the front runner for the First Consul position. Readers should note that the Genevan Arrow has been in touch with Dev Campaign Office who have promised the Arrow an exclusive interview in the coming days.

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